Monday, August 25, 2014

String Theory set 09

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41. This book, which shares its name with a 2009 Hollywood movie based on it.

42. Fromage de chèvre (such as that seen in this photo), in English.

43. Picturesque phrase, first used by Groundskeeper Willie in a 1995 episode of 'The Simpsons' to describe the French, which has become something of a journalistic catchphrase since.

44. Three-word English name used for this tree, Araucaria araucana, supposedly from an early English viewer's reference to the difficulty the animal named would have in climbing it.

45. The name of the venerable old character in this movie clip (the one doing most of the talking). [Alternative link]

Answers to previous questions
040. Godmen
041. The Men Who Stare At Goats
042. Goat cheese
043. Cheese-eating surrender monkeys
044. Monkey Puzzle Tree
045. To be revealed later


  1. 41.
    42. Goat cheese
    43. Cheese Monkeys
    44. Monkey's Hell Tree
    45. Treebeard (have you asked this question before, with the same video and precisely the same phrasing?)

  2. 41. Men who stare at goats
    42. Goat cheese
    43. Cheese Monkeys?
    44. No Monkey Tree
    45. Tree Ent?

  3. Men Who Stare At Goats
    Goat Cheese
    Cheese Eating Monkeys
    Monkey Obstacle Tree

  4. Bloody hell, I can't tell a single one of these, but here goes nothing:
    41. Man Crackers
    42. Crackers and Cheese
    43. Cheese-eating Monkeys
    44. Monkey something Tree
    45. Tree of Mordor

  5. Delson's answers

    41. The Men who stare at goats
    42. Goat Cheese
    43. Cheese monkey ?
    44. Monkey puzzle tree
    45. (Could not attempt)

  6. 41 Men Acting the Goat
    42 Goat Cheese
    43 Cheese loving monkeys
    44 Monkey puzzle tree
    45 Treebeard
    Julian D'Costa

  7. 41) men who stare at goats
    42) Goat cheese
    43)cheese eating monkeys
    44) monkey tail tree
    45) tree spirit

    Suraj Kamat

  8. From Set 08:
    40: God Men

    From Set 09:
    41: Men who stare at goats
    42: Goat cheese
    43: Cheesy farts
    44: ?
    45: Elder Ent