Tuesday, September 30, 2014

String Theory set 14

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066. A name for the round pad sometimes used under the legs of furniture, which it shares with a common term for the physical deformity officially called congenital talipes equinovarus.

067. A two-word term for an infantryman that has come to be used for any person who is assigned the most mundane tasks (also the low-level antagonists in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise).

068. The title of this 1970 movie (billed at the time as "the most savage film in history)", inspired by events of the 1864 Sand Creek massacre in the Colorado Territory.

069. The genre of music you'll hear in this clip. [Alternative link]

070. A common name used for this North American plant, the Olsynium douglasii, from a term first used by Sir Thomas More in his Dialogue of 1528 to refer to an abandoned mistress. According to the the famous Anglo-Indian dictionary Hobson-Jobson, the term was used during the British Raj to refer to wives sent away during the hot summer to the hill stations while their husbands remained on duty in the plains.

Answers to previous questions
065. Country Club
066. Club foot
067. Foot soldier
068. Soldier Blue
069. Bluegrass
070. To be revealed later

Monday, September 22, 2014

String Theory set 13

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061. A four-word phrase meaning 'ordinary, nothing exceptional' that has its roots in descriptions of mass-produced clothing from the early 20th century.

062. A name used for this type of hitch used to tie the mouths of sacks containing heavy materials, such as grains.

063. This book, the first in the Inspector Rebus series.

064. One of the three disciplines of the equestrian sport of eventing, along with dressage and show jumping.

065. This company, which bills itself as "India’s largest leisure infrastructure conglomerate".

060. The Blade Runner
061. Run of the mill
062. Miller's knot
063. Knots & Crosses
064. Cross-country
065. To be revealed later

Saturday, September 13, 2014

String Theory set 12

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056. The product for which this is an early ad.

057. The television reality show (full name, please) for which this video clip was part of the call for entries. [Alternative link]

058. The common name of this bird.

059. This thing.

060. The name of this book, more famously used as the title of a film based on an entirely different science-fiction book.

055. A Room With A View
056. View-Master
057. MasterChef India
058. Indian roller
059. Roller Blade
060. To be revealed later

Sunday, September 7, 2014

String Theory set 11

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051. The title of this 2014 movie.

052. The nickname given to the sceptical apostle checking out Jesus's wounds in this painting by Caravaggio.

053. The full name of this literary and cartoon character.

054. The term used on board a ship to describe the area where the propulsion systems are situated and managed.

055. The movie for which this clip is part of the trailer. [Alternative link]

050. The Circle of Reason
051. Reasonable Doubt
052. Doubting Thomas
053. Thomas the Tank Engine
054. Engine room
055. To be revealed later

Monday, September 1, 2014

String Theory set 10

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046. A common feature of US and European circus sideshows and carnival freak shows of the 19th and early 20th century, such as P.T. Barnum's Josephine Clofullia and Ringling Bros.' Jane Barnell.

047. The nickname of this First Lady of the United States, the title of this jazz standard [Alternative link] and the name commonly used for a member of the Coccinelidae family of beetles (this biological term derived from the Latin 'coccineus', meaning 'scarlet').

048. One of 41 species of birds in 14 genera, one of which appears on the flag of Papua New Guinea.

049. The name of this key road junction in Secunderabad, taken from that of the famous establishment in the background.

050. The title of this 1986 debut novel.

046. Bearded Lady
047. Lady Bird
048. Bird of Paradise
049. Paradise Circle
050. To be revealed later