Friday, September 14, 2012

B9. This image shows an actor portraying a composer of Western classical music, in a 2010 opera named 'Risorgimento!' about the mid-19th century movement to unify Italy. The surname of this composer was purportedly used during the movement as part of a coded message that lauded the king-in-waiting: people in the know would shout out 'Viva _____', the surname being used as an acronym in Italian for 'Victor Emmanuel King of Italy'. Name the composer.

A. Verdi

Saturday, September 8, 2012

B8. Listen to this audio clip.
This is the title song of a 1960 Elvis Presley movie, filmed immediately after his discharge from the Army. The chorus of the song, which follows the bit you just heard, goes like this:

"I got those hup-two-three-four occupation __ blues,
From my __ hair to the heels of my __ shoes..."

What abbreviation fills the blanks (they're all the same)?


Here's the link, for those of you'd like to watch the video:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

D4. This is one of a series of painting by American artist Cheryl Edwards which places African-American subjects in a staple of classical art. Accordingly, each painting in the series is titled 'Modern Day _______', with a number suffixed. What word fits in the blank?

A. Madonna

I thought this was quite easy to figure out, but there were very few responses!