Thursday, April 26, 2012

F1. Across most of Europe, it's called a 'smoking'. In France for example, the two varieties -- distinguished by collar type -- are referred to as 'le smoking Deauville' and 'le smoking Capri'. It rose to respectability in Britain after it was worn to informal parties in the 1880s by the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII). The Prince introduced it to a guest of his, the American millionaire James Potter. Potter then wore it at parties at the elite club housed in the buildings in the picture. As a result, in America, it got its name from the name of this club. What do they call it there?

A. A tuxedo


  1. tuxedo

  2. A Tuxedo, or a 'smoking' jacket.

  3. A Green Jacket??? (More sporting questions please; damn, if I ask I won't get..........

    Paul G

  4. The smoking Jacket - the one Brits were at their club to go the smoking room.Its one that they were while smoking their cigars and keep it at the club cloak room to enter the hall again where the women folk are waiting - so that their delicate noses are not offended by the stale smoke of cigar smoke

  5. Dinner jacket

    -Julian D'Costa