Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Workout (week starting June 23, 2014)

Public Relations
(remember: larger versions of all visuals can be seen by clicking on them)

1. While this person was himself no great shakes – having finished bottom of his class at West Point – and even his famous death was probably the result of poor military strategy, the American public came to see him as a tragic military hero and exemplary gentleman who sacrificed his life for his country. A significant contribution to this image was the work of his wife Elizabeth, who did much to advance this view with the publication of several books about her late husband: 'Boots and Saddles: Life with _______ ______ in Dakota' (1885), 'Tenting on the Plains' (1887), and 'Following the Guidon' (1891). Who?

2. As far as Test cricket is concerned, what uniquely connects these two people?

3. Born in 1922 into a family of landless peasants in Azinhaga, Portugal, , his parents were Jose de Sousa and Maria de Piedade. His father's family was known by a nickname – the Portuguese word for the wild radish – which was accidentally incorporated into his name during the registration of his birth. Identify this author.

4. In 1919, Mahashay Chuni Lal started selling a certain product range at a small shop in Sialkot. His wares soon gained fame, and his family came to be known as "Deggi Mirch Wale" (the Pot Chilli People). After the Partition of India, Mahashay Dharam Pal (the man in the photo), the son of the founder, shifted to Delhi and opened up his shop at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh under the banner "_________ __ _____ of Sialkot (Deggi Mirch Wale)". What brand – now literally a household name – resulted from this enterprise?

5. Hopefully you know whose arm this is. If the first four coordinates stand, respectively, for places in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Namibia, what location do the last two (the most recent ones) represent? One point if you get the country right, two if you get the specific location.

6. What British tradition began in 1301 when Edward Caernarfon was invested with a certain title in London? Interestingly, he himself neglected to fulfill the tradition, but it was later revived by his son and has been followed ever since.

7. Which politician's wife is she, and which other politician's sister? [Half points for each]

8. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took on a federal case to fight a state injunction against this couple, Mildred and Richard Loving. Appropriately titled Loving vs Virginia, the federal case led to a landmark US Supreme Court ruling that state laws that discriminated against such cases were unconstitutional. As a result, what was legalised throughout the US in 1967 (until then it was illegal in 16 states)?

9. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the largest collection of stars honouring one group of blood relatives is a widely-scattered set of seven representing the Y family: John Y, his brother Lionel Y (who has two), and sister Ethel Y, their uncle Sidney XY, John's son John XY and granddaughter XY. Name this last person.

10. This lady heads 'Gladrags' magazine and is one of the forces behind the Miss India annual beauty pageant. Her family is quite a bit in the news these days. Name her for the full point, or (for half a point) give just her surname.

1. Lt Colonel George Custer (he of the last stand)
2. The only two third-generation Test cricketers.
Dean Headley's father Ron also played for England, and his grandfather George represented the West Indies. Bazid Khan of Pakistan is the son of Pakistani batsman Majid Khan and grandson of Jahangir Khan, who played for India.
3. Jose Saramago 
4. MDH (which stands for Mahashian di Hatti) Masalas
You can see Mahashay Dharam Pal's photo above the logo on the box.
5. Nice, France
The arm is Angelina Jolie's, and the coordinates represent the birthplaces of her kids. The first four are those of her adopted children; her last two were twins born six years ago at a seaside hospital in Nice.
6. The tradition of naming the eldest son of the ruling monarch as the Prince of Wales. 
Edward Caernarfon was the son of King Edward I, and went on to become Edward II.
7. Sachin Pilot's wife and Omar Abdullah's sister Sara
8. Inter-racial marriages
9. Drew Barrymore
10. Maureen Wadia, wife of Nusli and father of Ness


  1. 1. General Custer
    3. Jose Saramago
    4. MDH
    8. Prohibition of Interracial marriage
    9. Drew Barrymore

  2. 1-Cricketing families
    4-MDH Masalas and all

  3. 1. Custer of the last stand fame.
    2. Last wickets of ten-wicket spell
    4. MDH - Mahashiya Di Hatti
    5. Jolie's twins were born in France
    6. The heir apparent is titled Prince of Wales
    8. Interracial marriage. Your black and white photo doesn't fool me, muhaha.
    9. Y - Fonda

  4. 1. General Custer?
    3. Jose Scaramango (or something like that... damn! can't remember his last name!!)
    4. MDH
    5. ?
    6. Mayor of London?
    7. ?
    8. Inter-racial marriages?
    9. Drew Barrymore.
    10. Mrs. Wadia?

  5. 5. France (that is Angelina Jolie's arm, tattoo represents places of origin of her kids)
    10. Wadia

  6. 1. Paul Revere
    2. Both their fathers played Test cricket for a different country.
    3. Jose Saramago
    4. MDH
    8. Inter-racial marriage
    9. Drew Barrymore
    10. Maureen Wadia

  7. 1. General Custer
    3. Jose Saramango
    4. Haldiram
    5. Paris
    6. Lord Mayor
    7. Rajeev Shukla's sister
    8. Inter-racial marriage
    9. Barrymore
    10. Maureen Wadia

  8. 1.
    2. 3rd generation cricketers?
    4. MDH
    5. Angelina jolie's twins, france
    7. Rajesh Pilot, Omar Abdullah
    8. Marriage across race
    9. richie?
    10. maurin wadia

  9. 2. The English fellow looks Pakistani and the Pakistani fellow looks English?
    4. Everest
    5. Took me a while to figure out who it is!
    7. Omar Abdullah's wife and Sachin Pilot's sister
    10. Wadia


  10. 1. Paul Revere
    2. Both have zeroes in the "St" column
    3. Paulo Coelho
    4. Mahashay Di Hatti
    5. Obviously Angelina Jolie's arm. So the last two mark Nice, France, where her twins were born
    6. Poet Laureate
    7. Jemina Khan, Imraan Khan's wife. Her brother is a Mr Spencer
    8. Mixed race marriages
    9. Angelica Houston
    10. Wadia

  11. 3. Jose Saramago
    4. MDH
    5. Thailand
    7. Imran Khan
    8. Inter Racial marriages
    10. Ness Wadia's mother