Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Workout (week starting April 13, 2014)

Sound Reasoning
(remember: larger versions of all visuals can be seen by clicking on them)

1. Rolling Stones rated him #2 on the list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time. His contributions on lead and slide guitar to dozens of recordings and albums as fine and as varied as Wilson Pickett's down-home 1969 cover of "Hey Jude" and Eric Clapton's 1970 masterpiece with Derek and the Dominos, 'Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs', constitute an astounding body of work. In October 1971, he died in a motorcycle accident in his band’s home base of Macon, Georgia. Name him.

2. Which of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, also an important element in Hindu rituals, comes from the gastropod Turbinella pyrum?
3. In the 2006 film 'Charlotte's Web', she provided the voice for Gussie the goose. Identify this ‘actor’, who also voiced Judge Bumbleden in 'Bee Movie' (2007). This video clip should help.

4. The Japanese students' song "Hotaru no hikari" ("Glow of a firefly") describe a series of images of hardships that the industrious student endures in his relentless quest for knowledge, starting with the firefly’s light, which the student uses to keep studying when he has no other light sources. Commonly heard in graduation ceremonies and at the end of the school day, it is also used by many stores and restaurants to usher customers out at the end of a business day. What popular 18th-century Scottish tune is the song set to?

5. In the 1970s, she visited Nairobi as part of an Indian festival. Singing nationalistic songs in Swahili made her extremely popular and the then President Jomo Kenyatta made her an Honorary Citizen of Kenya. Perhaps her most famous rendition was the song "Malaika", which she sang with the song’s original singer Fadhili Williams. Who?

 6. The first picture shows a passenger station in Harrison, New Jersey, on the Pennsylvania Railroad's main line to New York City. It gave its name to the 1925 novel by John Dos Passos whose cover is shown in the second visual. The group you hear in this audio named itself after both. Identify [two-word name].

7. A student of music from childhood, he was an accomplished guitarist and singer. In his early period in Europe he often played and sang gypsy songs in Parisian nightclubs with Aliosha Dimitrievitch. He sang some of those same songs in the film 'The Brothers Karamazov'. In 1967, he and Dimitrievitch released a record album, 'The Gypsy and I: ___ _______ Sings Gypsy Songs'. Fill in the blanks with the name of the guy in the picture.
8. Watch this videoclip and identify the instrument being played, which has its roots in western Africa (and no, it’s not a xylophone).

9. Originally created for the 1951 western 'Distant Drums', it was uttered by a soldier bitten by a crocodile. Its next appearance – in the 1953 cowboys-and-Indians movie 'The Charge at Feather River' – gave it its name. It has since been used in numerous movies, often as an in joke. Examples include a plummeting Death Star stormtrooper in the original 'Star Wars', a defeated Nazi in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', a dive-bombed hunter in 'Howard the Duck', and a fallen cowboy in the 2010 hit video game 'Red Dead Redemption'. What is this stock sound effect, that resides in the Warner Brothers audio library, called?
10. In which region of India is a language called Bhoti commonly spoken, in the dialects Lehskat, Shamskat, Stotskat and Nubra?

1. Duane Allman
2. The conch shell (shankh)
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. "Auld Lang Syne" 
5. Usha Uthup
6. Manhattan Transfer
7. Yul Brynner
8. The marimba
9. The Wilhelm scream, after the character Private Wilhelm who uttered it in 'The Charge at Feather River'.
10. Ladakh


  1. 1. Duane Allman
    2. Lotus
    4. Auld Lang Syne
    5. Usha Uthup / Iyer
    6. Manhattan Transfer
    7. Yul Bryner
    8. Vibraphone
    10. Sikkim

  2. 2. The cow
    3. African American actress - Queen Latifah
    5. Usha Utup
    8. That was beautiful music
    10. Ladakh


  3. Sorry Ani but I seem to be having the same trouble again so I hope you don't mind me sending you this via e-m?

    3. Whoopie Goldberg
    4. Flower of Scotland
    6. Princeton (Junction)



  4. Boy, this one is effing tough.

    1. Eric Clapton
    2. Conch shell (a guess, based on the fact that this is a sound-based theme.
    5. Usha Uthup
    10. Garhwal
    And that's it from me.

  5. 1. Duane Allman
    2. Conch shell
    3. Oprah Winfrey
    4. Auld Lang Syne
    5. Asha Bhosle
    6. Manhattan Transfer
    7. Julio Iglesias
    8. Marimba
    9. Bazinga!
    10. Ladakh