Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Question (July 15, 2013)

Q. For all you cricket buffs... Seven men have scored a century in their 100th Test match and, neatly, seven also in their 100th one-day international. Two questions: 
a. Who is the only man on both lists? To help you narrow it down, let me reveal that he hit 102 not out in his 100th ODI against Pakistan in Sharjah in October 1988, and marked his 100th Test in April 1990 with 149 against England in St John's.
b. Which of the former seven hit two centuries in his 100th Test? One of the greatest batsmen and captains of the modern era.

A. a. Gordon Greenidge b. Ricky Ponting


  1. Come on! Do you really expect me to answer this?

  2. Clive Lloyd? Regards Paul

  3. I passed this on to our local cricket expert Nikhil Soneja who answers:

    1. Probably Viv Richards...or perhaps Desmond Haynes/Greenidge..but not sure they would have played 100 tests and Odis

    B. probably Ricky Ponting, as he's the only one to hit two centuries in 100th test

  4. Hi Annie !

    For the first answer I will go with the legendary Gordon Greenidge (West Indies)
    and for the next I think it is Ricky Ponting (aka Punter from Australia)

  5. B is Inzy. A is obviously a West Indian batsman from the '80s. Greenidge?

  6. I know Gordon Greenidge for sure but ans (b) Based on the last sentence of your question, I would say Ponting

  7. Knew the 1st on a=Javed Miandad second one a guess coz of ur clues b=Punter?

  8. first is greenidge... second i am guessing is Ponting...