Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random Question (June 26, 2013)

Q. This statue of a Scottish educationist stands outside a Delhi school named after him. This gentleman, besides founding some of India's well-known schools, also raised a number of orphaned children from Partition days. One of those kids converted to Christianity and took this man's surname, and eventually brought it some considerable notoriety. What is the surname?

A. Tytler. The statue is of J.D. Tytler, in whose honour Jagdish Kapoor changed his last name. 

James Douglas Tytler was a Scottish educationist who, among other things, founded the Delhi Public School and Summerfields School. This statue sits in front of the J.D. Tytler School. 


  1. Tytler. (And I knew that was Steve Irwin's daughter, but didn't know her name. 'Gharial' did cross my mind, but since that is not a fashion accessory unless you are a crocodile fetishist, I gave up).


  2. Charles, the notorious person being Charles Sobhraj?

  3. Sorry
    It is Jagdish tytler's father (adopted) james tytler. Frank antony was angloindian

  4. Is it Anthony? The gentleman in question being Frank Anthony, of the Frank Anthony Public School.

  5. Doon?