Thursday, October 11, 2012

G5. He's had such an eventful and variegated life, one could do an entire quiz with questions only on him. But this is not the forum for that, so let's stick to a meta-question -- one on his quizzing credentials. Who, then, appeared for Queen's College, Cambridge, on the University Challenge quiz show in 1981 and later in life said it was the quiz show he'd most like to host, calling it "a window on the weirdness and wonder of studentry"? A quiz show that he does host is the very popular QI, currently into its 10th season on BBC, for which he won the Rose d'Or award for "Best Game Show Host" in 2006.

A. Stephen Fry


  1. Stephen Fry... I think you had posted about this on the group.

  2. Going by G5 and G4, I think the theme is Jeeves. But I have no idea what Parkinson's Law and Spinoza have to do with Jeeves.

  3. Stephen Fry, Na-shuh-nal Tray-zure.

  4. Stephen Fry?

    Regards and sorry for forgetting my own name, I really don't understand this 'Comment as Anonymous, bit! - Paul

  5. Stephen Fry.

    I see where this is gng...

  6. Has to be Stephen Fry.
    i have the entire series of the whacky show.

    Yogesh Pai