About String Theory

This series is based on a round that Rajiv used in one of his quizzes. In each answer, the first word(s) derive from the last word(s) of the previous one. For example, if the answer to one question is 'Star Wars', the next answer could be 'Wars of the Roses'. The words may not be exactly the same – they could be related words or even words that sound the same. So, in the previous example, the second answer could begin with 'Warrior'. Also, articles like 'A', 'An' and 'The' could be ignored. However, because of the nature of this quiz, you have to get the answers more or less exact. Minor spelling mistakes, or a missing article might be ignored when awarding points, but not much else.

I'm going to post five questions every few days, and continue the string from set to set as well (so it's actually one long, continuous thread). That is to say, the last word(s) of the fifth answer of one set would be the opening word(s) of the first answer in the next set. And so on.

You get one point for each correct answer, and a bonus point for getting all five answers in a set right.

Answers should be submitted using the Comments feature of the specific post you're responding to. Standard online quizzing rules apply – answer based on what you know, can figure out or guess; do not refer to online or other resources for the answer. Give only one answer to a question – if you provide options, only the first one will be considered.

Also, since this point keeps coming up, once a new set is posted, the previous set is closed. So even if the answer to a question has not been revealed on the previous set, you will not get points for submitting that answer. You can only post answers to the current set.

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